About us

Our Company

Our team has over 7 years of experience in providing high quality, affordable web hosting. The brand ManticHost came in existence in 2015 since then we are providing high quality service with cent percentage customer satisfaction. It’s not about how big company is or how large office they have, sometimes it’s all about how great service they provide. At ManticHost we are committed to provide best service to our customers.

How It Was started ?

Hi I am Ujjvalsinh Bihola, Founder of ManticHost. From 9th standard of my school days I was interested in websites, Internet was not so common for school kids in those days yet I decided to learn how to build website but I didn’t had computer so I started with a Nokia mobile and guess what ! I learned everything by myself using free web builder and I had my own web coding forum with twenty three thousand registered members by next year, it was my 10th standard’s vacation.

Everything was going good but one day one of my moderator betrayed me and I lost my that website. I was sad but I didn’t stop I decided not to use this builders anymore and I started learning how to use PHP and Linux web hosting, it was year 2012.

I tried many web hosting companies but all big brands we just so called big they were unable to keep my site stable. Then I decided to start my own web hosting company. Vardeep Singh Brar helped me in setup and later Kashyap Kumbhani and Sahil Jani joined me.